Monday, April 25, 2011

random thoughts

I miss you so very much, friend. Friday night and Saturday morning were so fun, and the whole rest of the weekend was no fun at all. Well, Mama came to visit Sunday for lunch, so that was pretty fun, but Estate Planning is the worst. When it comes time for you and the CPT to plan for your children's and grandchildren's futures, do not, I repeat, do NOT call me!

I am completely in love with MT, and our picture with me holding her is now my desktop background. She is such a sweet angel, and I still regret saying that the english mastiff was the sweetest dog I'd ever seen.

Can I come visit you when my classes are over? I am extremely troubled that you might move even further from me pretty soon, and I want to squeeze in as much time as I can!

Have I sent you the YouTube video for the new Hanson song? Well if I haven't, you should look it up. They are still precious. The name of the song is Give a Little.

My tummy has been upset all day. :/

I love you.

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  1. Thank you so very much for your thoughtful comment about our beloved Ginger. I am so grateful for my blogging friends right now.