Monday, April 25, 2011

random thoughts

I miss you so very much, friend. Friday night and Saturday morning were so fun, and the whole rest of the weekend was no fun at all. Well, Mama came to visit Sunday for lunch, so that was pretty fun, but Estate Planning is the worst. When it comes time for you and the CPT to plan for your children's and grandchildren's futures, do not, I repeat, do NOT call me!

I am completely in love with MT, and our picture with me holding her is now my desktop background. She is such a sweet angel, and I still regret saying that the english mastiff was the sweetest dog I'd ever seen.

Can I come visit you when my classes are over? I am extremely troubled that you might move even further from me pretty soon, and I want to squeeze in as much time as I can!

Have I sent you the YouTube video for the new Hanson song? Well if I haven't, you should look it up. They are still precious. The name of the song is Give a Little.

My tummy has been upset all day. :/

I love you.

Monday, April 18, 2011

omg, you come visit this weekend!

My dearest Abby,

I am so excited that you are coming to visit this weekend, I can hardly put it into words. I have been struggling to have fun in my life lately, which I know is silly because, objectively, I have a great life. It's just that almost everything I do seems like something I don't want to do, and when I finish that thing, all that awaits me is something else I don't particularly want to do, until it's finally time to go to sleep, which I always want to do!

I long for the days when you and I lived together in a tiny room in Elam, and we had a multitude of friends only steps away at all times. Now I can't even remember some of those people's names, and that makes me very sad. If I could have an afternoon to sit with you, Carol, Zack, Will, Corey et al. in the sunshine outside the Student Center, I would be ecstatic. Instead, I spend my days in a stuffy office building with stuffy people (I cannot in good faith be discontented with this, because at least I have a job working with a few nice people, and I'm socially obligated to be thankful for that). School is almost over for the year, thank goodness, but there is the usual mountain of finals and papers due before I can get a taste of freedom.

I feel that my college education, while exemplary, is definitely lacking in a few key areas, namely:

1. How to dress for a semi-corporate professional atmosphere. I am utterly clueless Abbs. It's been over a year now, and I still feel like I can't strike a good balance between the sexretary look and being frumptastic.
2. How to manage time effectively. Weren't we supposed to learn that during pledging? Well, I've forgotten it if I ever learned it at all. I find myself rushing around from place to place, often wearing something completely inappropriate for the occasion and usually with dirty hair.
3. How to handle finances. Budgeting? What's that? Should I have learned to do that? Yes, yes I should have. Yikes.
4. How to handle loneliness. None of my college professors told me how much emotional strain I would be under as an adult. They never divulged that my easily accessible group of friends would soon get married/have children/move away from me. The nights I don't have school, my biggest challenge is finding someone who will eat supper with me. Usually it's the scientists at the Jeffersonian or members of the BAU.

Alas Roomie, I am very sorry this post is one big complaint, but I feel better. I cannot wait to see you! I am going to give you the biggest hug ever, and I don't care if it damages the surgically enhanced parts of my physique!

I love you!

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Eau de Army

CPT: Can I show you the map board I've had to do for class?
Me: Sure. What's that smell? Why does it smell like sweat? Is that you?
CPT: No. It's the tape.
Me: Why does the tape smell like sweat?
CPT: I don't know. It's just Army tape. It's how it smells.
Me: Why? Does everything in the Army smell like sweat? Why does everything smell like that?
CPT: Abby, I DON'T KNOW. Just please look at this.
Me: But it smells bad. Are you sure it's not you?
CPT: NO! I just showered with Head & Shoulders [possibly some of the best smelling shampoo EVER. Not even kidding.], and these clothes are clean! Maybe it's your FEET!
Me: [face crumples] You KNOW I'm sensitive about my feet!!
CPT: I know. I'm sorry. Will you please look at this now? Please?
**explanation of battlefield or something and a weapons cache or something and enemies or something ... or something**
Me: Seriously. It smells bad. Why does the tape smell so bad?
CPT: [sighs in defeat]

Thursday, April 7, 2011

more blogs to check out!

I thoroughly enjoyed reading about the precious little Mary Todd and your blog reading routine! I, too, have fallen in love with reading blogs, especially ones written by people who are far more interesting than myself. Here are a few of my favorites: I learned about this guy in The Tennessean one day (I know, I'm old. Only old, uninteresting people read The Tennesean on a regular basis). He is a young-ish guy who was diagnosed with a super rare form of cancer that is pretty much always terminal. You may be saying to yourself, "Proms, why are you reading something so sad?" It's actually very inspiring and sweet, because his wife and pretty much his whole family have dropped their normal life agendas to go on this fantastic road trip with him. You know I'm a sucker for road trips! I really wish he and Shannon (his wife) could be couple friends with myself and Christian! Anyway, he blogs pretty much everyday about what's going on with the trip and his health. This guy (Leo) is awesome. His blog is super inspiring and makes me want to get healthy, get organized, and pretty much kick ass at life. He used to be an overweight smoker who worked all the time (kind of what I am afraid is going to happen to me eventually [minus the smoker part]), but over time he has completely revamped his life. Now he is super healthy, runs marathons, and works for himself. He also got rid of a ton of debt by changing his spending habits. He writes instructional posts about what he's done and how other people can do it, too. Okay, this is pure and uncensored hilarity (I'm not sure hilarity is a word, but I mean the noun form of hilarious). This girl, Allie, who appears to be roughly our age, writes crazy anecdotes (I think they are all/mostly true) about her life, and she draws pictures to go with them. She curses a lot, and looks at the world in a way that I think everyone should. I realize this is a terrible description, and you probably have no idea what to expect content-wise, but trust me and check it out. You will laugh to yourself until you are embarrassed for yourself (I've reached this point myself). Linus is a cat. He has a very smushed in face. His owner likes to take pictures of him (which are hilarious all on their own because he is so bizarre looking). She then uses some sort of artsy fartsy computer program to draw hats/clothes/costumes/other types of shenanigans onto him. There is another cat named Hugo that occasionally makes appearances, but Linus is the star of the show.

I'm sure there are others that I have failed to think of at this time, but this should get you started on the journey through what I find entertaining. Let me know what you think!



My daily computer life

I always love sharing new websites and blogs with you, and since I know you probably don't write them down when I am telling you about them, I am making it easy on you and sharing them here!! -- This website allows you to simply click a button and donate food to the hungry! Since the sponsors of the page pay for the food, it's free to click! There are links from that website to breast cancer site to "donate" mammograms for women in need, the animal rescue site to provide food and care for rescued animals, the veterans' site to provide food for homeless and hungry veterans (tear), the child health site to provide healthcare for children who need it, the literacy site for free books for children, and the rainforest site to protect wild habitat. -- A girl in her early-twenties from Brentwood who has moved to Uganda to do mission work, be a nurse to all who need her help, provide food for the Karamojong children, and has adopted 13 (I think!) girls. She's fascinating, amazing, thought-provoking, and incredible. She founded Amazima Ministries; the CPT and I sponsor a little girl via Amazima! -- Along the same vein as kissesfromkatie, this woman and her best friend started 147 Million Orphans. They are really close to Katie (from kissesfromkatie), and are also from Brentwood. (The ones we saw in Chili's that day and I got so excited, it was like seeing celebrities!) Between the two women, they have 13 children, seven of whom are adopted, and three of those adopted are special-needs children. They are also amazing and wonderful, and I love love love 147 Million Orphans! It allows families who are adopting to buy everything wholesale and then sell to help fund their own adoptions. And every purchase feeds a child; very incredible! -- The best friend of the joiningthejourney, the partner of 147 Million Orphans. Same as above. -- I just like to check out their gear and clothes. The shirts are so soft and lightweight, so they are perfect for this Georgia heat I am experiencing!! -- FABULOUS lady who rejuvenates furniture. She also is a freelance writer for, a magazine called Cottages & Bungalows, and sells her incredible re-done furniture in two stores. I kind of want to be her. -- Miss Mustard Seed's bloggy friend who is the antithesis of Miss Mustard Seed! I *really* relate more to Funky Junk because it's more my style of "let the flaws show, it gives it character." You will love her decorating, I believe. Especially her bedroom, where her bed is rumpled (she says it's never supposed to be made) and she has an old ladder as decor. Funky and fun. -- My sweet sister's blog on their domestic adoption and every day life. It's bittersweet because they're still "waiting," and so no news is no fun. But daily life is also humorous, so it makes me cry AND laugh!

So now that you know how boring I am and how I live vicariously through all these other fun people, do you still want to be best friends? =)

Warmest Regards,

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Mary Todd

Well, you touched on bringing Mary Todd to TN with us, and the answer is: "Yes! Of course!! I couldn't leave this now-6.6-pound miniature schnauzer at home!" ... I am waaaay too whipped over this puppy.

Today I took her to the vet to see about her double ear infection she had, and the vet was so impressed with how healthy she is that I almost got a "good-Mommy" bag -- but they were out. MT is into EVERYTHING. Even as I was typing this, I had to take a break to stop her from eating the paper towels from her peeing accident this morning. As I picked her up to get her away from it, she dropped the paper towel that was in her mouth -- right down in my shirt. Sick. I mean, it was the paper towels over the CLEANING solution, not her urine, but still. Eww.

The vet did say that when puppies are teething, they tend to regress with their potty training, hence all the accidents she's had of late. Awesome.

The CPT and I are doing well. We're going to a cookout this weekend, so that should be fun, and hopefully I will meet some wives! I have yet to make any more friends since my friend Emily came into the picture -- did I tell you about her? We met at church, she's in her 60s, and we like to do lunch. =) But other than Emily and a couple we knew from Fort Campbell, I only hang out with Mary Todd. So yeah, I'd like to make some friends.

And although I did make friends with the girls who hang out outside our apartment (yes, the same girls who "broke" into my car. Apparently it was a misunderstanding; some boys told them it was THEIR car, and so they hopped in it. Ugh, boys.), one of the moms came out the other day and fussed at me for giving her girls cookies, telling me to not do that anymore and that SHE was the momma. Yes, I realize that she is the mom, I made sure to tell the girls to ask if they could have them before I gave the cookies (that my own momma baked!) to them, but their mom wasn't home. I jumped the gun, went on and gave them to the girls, and said, "Make sure to ask your mom before you eat them! I don't want to get in trouble!" (Of course I had previously asked if they had allergies. I'm semi-responsible.) But since the girls are 13 and 9, no permission was asked. Plus, their mother is either working nights at the hospital or over with her boyfriend, so she's rarely home. Or when she is home, she's getting into domestic disputes with the 9-year-old's dad and then the 9-year-old runs over to our place and stays until the police come to get her statement and then return her to the mom. I never meant to befriend the kids at the expense of the parents, but needless to say, I think I am a tad unliked in our apartment building now.

I wish you were here. And I wish I was THERE!! I wish I could have given you your birthday present ON your birthday/my wedding anniversary. You were sweet enough to send a card; I send a text. You win. =)

I cannot wait to see you in a couple of weeks! You will love Mary Todd. She's such a fur ball and sometimes she thinks she's a really really ferocious dog (i.e., when she barks at dogs literally 13 times her size!!). You will get so tickled at her!

I can't remember the point of this post, even though I previously labeled it "Mary Todd." I guess that's who I was supposed to talk about, and now that I feel like you've been sufficiently filled in on her teeny life (and the drama that is my apartment-living life -- and the lameness/loneliness that is my Army-wife life), I will bid you adieu with a favorite canned recipe of mine that I made up 20 minutes ago:

1 can Rotel
1 can whole kernel corn
1 can pinto beans (I wanted black beans, but had none on hand!)
Dash of oregano

Heat tortillas in microwave, mix everything else on stove. (Salsa would also be yummy tossed in! Alas, I had none.) Spoon mixture into bowl (it's soupy!!), tear up tortillas and toss them in, doctor it up as you like (sour cream, cheese, etc.), and enjoy!! =) Love you.

Warmest Regards to my 25-year-old friend,