Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Where have we been? Ahh, Current Events

For starters, apologies on letting months (and months) slip by without so much as a "G'day, good sir and madam." I don't really have a whole lot going on in my day to day life that should impede the upkeep of this blog, so I will try to do better (much much better!).

First of all, I need to bring something up that was MONUMENTAL in my life. Something that happened last night. Piers Morgan brought Nancy Grace to near tears. Nancy Grace! As anyone who is anyone knows, she is tough as nails and is ballsier than a Bruce Willis/Vin Diesel ninja gang member. She has nerves of steel that course through her body and even to her hair, which explains why it never moves. She is hardcore. And yet little Piers, with his nice tenor voice and his delicate British accent (sidenote: I only just learned that he is, in fact, NOT gay. Surprised.), brought this stone-wall-of-a-woman down by prodding into her past. Apparently her fiance (years and years ago, when she was in college) was murdered at his construction site by a fired employee. Her fiance was not the boss, but just happened to wander up at the wrong time. He had been getting drinks (soft drinks, not hard drinks ... by the way, I only just realized how cool it is that we have "soft" and "hard" drinks, one referring to innocent bubblies and the other to dangerous grown-up beverages. But I digress.) for the crew, and when he pulled back up in his truck, the fired employee (who had been waiting for the boss) decided to open up and shoot. Poor Nancy was trying really hard to stay composed while she was telling this horrid story, and even though I am leery of people who know how to manipulate emotions, it got me. I feel so awful for her! She said it took her 30 years before she could even think about marriage, before she could utter the word without shaking. Bless her soul.

Well, now that ol' Nancy Grace's almost-waterworks has been taken care of, let's move on to Teen Mom. Catelynn is darling (but her mom is awful. Can I adopt Catelynn??), Farrah is a little misguided when it comes to "getting boobs to make money," because you first have to HAVE money to get boobs, and if you are not making ends meet to begin with, should you really be getting a loan for a boob job? Your argument that you are doing it to make money (by way of landing more modeling jobs) is a little hole-y, my love. But kudos to you for getting a great rack (and having a super precious baby). Maci, I still love you. Mainly because you are in TN, which is my home, and you go to school in my hometown. Amber is crazy. Not in the "oooh, girl, you crazy" kind of way, but in the "I honestly think you need to be in an institution" kind of way. And choosing between Gary and the loser who says he loves you isn't really a win-win. Gary is better, hands down, but please, let's not act like it's rocket science to choose your baby daddy over some guy you randomly met who is telling you he wants to marry you and have a family. That is super creepy, and you have an adorable daughter who needs you to be the adult. Step up, be one.

Proms, you'll have to do a full Casey Anthony review. I watched some of it, but it just made me sick. And somehow I knew that she would get a Not Guilty verdict; though I was not in the jury, and though I am sure that the media played a big part in me wanting her to be guilty, I have to admit, I was disappointed, dismayed, and brokenhearted when I found out. Had I been on the jury, had I heard all of the arguments and seen all of the evidence, I don't know if I could have delivered a Guilty verdict with no (none, zip, nada) reasonable doubt, but I sure would have tried. (And watching Nancy Grace for 2.3 seconds last night talking about the Casey Anthony trial convinced me of her guilt. NG, you must have been one heck of a prosecutor.)

In more local news, I learned how to sew! Not expertly (or even straight), but I did it! Granted, my mother had been giving me a few lessons, but when Mom is here to do it for me, I don't pay very much attention. But I read my manual, learned how to thread the bobbin properly (after learning what the "H-E-double hockey sticks" a bobbin is), learned to thread all the other things that have to be threaded, remembered to put the foot down when sewing, and then I sewed a super wonky pillow. But I am so proud, so I must brag on myself. Hooray!

Miss you mucho-choco-latto, best friend. (Yeah, figure that one out; I guarantee BabbleFish won't help you!) Love you, and can't wait for your take on current events!