Monday, April 18, 2011

omg, you come visit this weekend!

My dearest Abby,

I am so excited that you are coming to visit this weekend, I can hardly put it into words. I have been struggling to have fun in my life lately, which I know is silly because, objectively, I have a great life. It's just that almost everything I do seems like something I don't want to do, and when I finish that thing, all that awaits me is something else I don't particularly want to do, until it's finally time to go to sleep, which I always want to do!

I long for the days when you and I lived together in a tiny room in Elam, and we had a multitude of friends only steps away at all times. Now I can't even remember some of those people's names, and that makes me very sad. If I could have an afternoon to sit with you, Carol, Zack, Will, Corey et al. in the sunshine outside the Student Center, I would be ecstatic. Instead, I spend my days in a stuffy office building with stuffy people (I cannot in good faith be discontented with this, because at least I have a job working with a few nice people, and I'm socially obligated to be thankful for that). School is almost over for the year, thank goodness, but there is the usual mountain of finals and papers due before I can get a taste of freedom.

I feel that my college education, while exemplary, is definitely lacking in a few key areas, namely:

1. How to dress for a semi-corporate professional atmosphere. I am utterly clueless Abbs. It's been over a year now, and I still feel like I can't strike a good balance between the sexretary look and being frumptastic.
2. How to manage time effectively. Weren't we supposed to learn that during pledging? Well, I've forgotten it if I ever learned it at all. I find myself rushing around from place to place, often wearing something completely inappropriate for the occasion and usually with dirty hair.
3. How to handle finances. Budgeting? What's that? Should I have learned to do that? Yes, yes I should have. Yikes.
4. How to handle loneliness. None of my college professors told me how much emotional strain I would be under as an adult. They never divulged that my easily accessible group of friends would soon get married/have children/move away from me. The nights I don't have school, my biggest challenge is finding someone who will eat supper with me. Usually it's the scientists at the Jeffersonian or members of the BAU.

Alas Roomie, I am very sorry this post is one big complaint, but I feel better. I cannot wait to see you! I am going to give you the biggest hug ever, and I don't care if it damages the surgically enhanced parts of my physique!

I love you!

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