Wednesday, September 28, 2011

better late than never

My Dearest,

Let me start by apologizing for my lack of blogging as of late. I don't really have a compelling reason, so how about we just let this one slide?

I'm currently typing away whilst listening to Colin Meloy serenade me, the washer wash things and the air conditioner cool things down. It's probably the last hurrah for old air conditioner for awhile, as autumn is wrapping itself around us more and more every day. Did you know I canceled (cancelled?) my cable television? Well I did. I think I'm getting more "granola" every day. I dig it though. Now I listen to NPR on my radio most of the time. I like how it hisses softly in the background, because I can never get the needle in exactly the right place.

I cannot believe it's almost time for you to move. It hurts me for some reason, even though you are already far from me. I am also very excited for you, and just a teensy bit jealous. I think the Pacific Northwest is the coolest (this is purely speculation - I've never been there). I will be coming to visit you as soon as the bar exam is over. Be figuring out the coolest places to go. I want to see a badass show while I'm there. Preferably someone folksy and awesome. Think you can arrange that? :)

Regarding your desk: I honestly and truly think you should repurpose furniture for a living. It's your thing, girlfriend. My desk is one of my most prized possessions. You should forget about seeking an employer for reals.

Let's text a lot tomorrow, okay?

I love you,

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