Thursday, September 22, 2011

Mary Todd, a desk, and Washington state

Mary Todd is being quite precious right now. She had to get groomed today, and she looks adorable! Of course, the first thing she did once we got home was roll around in the wet grass (ugh, sick). After she wiggled and writhed and ate a tasty treat of Animal Crackers, she is now curled up on my lap and dozing -- pitiful. She is spoiled rotten, I tell you!

This is one of my favorite pieces I have done so far (other than the desk that you now possess)! (Please disregard how messy the floor is. I keep all of my craft and sewing stuff in the guest room, so it just kind of spills out everywhere!) I didn't take a picture before I primed, painted, sanded, and stained, but just imagine this as an unfortunate pine desk, and you will have it! I had been wanting to do a two-tone piece, and this was so not the way I had envisioned it turning out ... but I love it so. I had wanted to do a bajillion other things with this desk (like painting it navy and having a light drawer, or maybe painting it gray, and then distressing it but not too much, etc.), but as I was working on it, the plan evolved until I finally stumbled on the "This is it! This is what it is meant to be!" moment. I was debating selling it, but Barry said he loves it (and quite honestly, I do love the way it looks in the guest room. Like we are all studious and stuff.), so I guess we'll be holding on to it for a little bit longer!

So we are planning our trek to Washington state, and let me tell you, it will be quite the haul. Our shortest day we will drive approximately five hours (not including any stops), and our longest day we will drive approximately 10.5 hours (again, not including breaks). *insane* We are hoping that Mary Todd will discover that she loves road trips, that the bladders of the females in the vehicle will magically be able to withstand limited bathroom breaks, and that the Captain doesn't go crazy by my roadtrip singing. (I get really into hymns and can belt out some country, FYI. And I usually have some type of pretend microphone, you know, to be legit about my singing career.)

Proms, it is so your turn to write me a bloggy note! I know you have tons of goodies to share since you work, go to law school, have a bf, and are already picking out your Christmas presents off of, so please, do tell!

Love you, bestie.


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